Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Insurance providers typically provide coverage for substance use programs and services. These treatment services include rehab for addiction, detox, and addiction therapy. Your coverage depends on your individual health insurance plan and the type of treatment you may need.

The passing of the Affordable Care Act made coverage for essential health services, including substance abuse treatment and mental health services, more accessible. Health insurance companies can no longer consider substance use disorders a pre-existing condition, and therefore access to treatment is more accessible.

Substance abuse programs provide several different treatment plans, including medication-assisted treatment. Many insurance plans cover the medications prescribed in these treatment plans, such as suboxone. If your insurance plan offers partial coverage for rehabilitation services, Innovative Health can provide payment assistance and payment plan options. Patients have several options for payment.

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Innovative Health alcohol and drug rehab center that offers intensive outpatient rehab for substance use disorders. We treat alcohol and drug addiction and other mental health disorders. We are a leader in comprehensive alcohol and substance use treatment with evidence-based individualized treatment in New York state. At Innovative Health, you have several options for treatment, including telehealth services. We offer medication-assisted treatment, behavioral and mental counseling, and evaluations.

If you need a rehab center for substance use disorder treatment, Innovative Health is here to help you understand your options. Innovative Health can assist you with verifying your coverage. Give us a call at 914-683-8050 for assistance with your insurance plan.

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