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Learn Healthy Coping Methods To Overcome Addiction.

Substance use disorder has many different manifestations and affects each person differently. Drug and alcohol addiction each have their own obstacles to overcome, and the disease of addiction can have devastating consequences. Addiction counseling helps you find the root of your addiction and understand your patterns, behaviors, and thoughts that have led to your substance use disorder. Substance abuse and mental health are linked, which is why therapy is important in overcoming addiction.

Individual therapy and group therapy will help you learn healthier coping mechanisms to repair relationships and other aspects of your life that have been damaged by addiction. Addiction counseling also helps you understand these co-occurring disorders to increase your chances of long term recovery.

Therapy At Innovative Health

Individual Therapy:
This therapy is based on the individual needs of our clients. We offer CBT, DBT, EMDR and Motivational Interview therapy sessions.

Group Therapy
We offer group therapy sessions that provide clients with a support group they feel comfortable opening up to. In these sessions, our clients will see that they’re not alone.

Integrated Care:
Our comprehensive treatment plans offer dual-diagnosis care, so we focus on not just the symptoms of addiction, but on the root causes as well.

How Counseling Helps

Work Through Trauma:
Stressful or traumatic life experiences can be the root of substance use disorder. Mental health counseling can help you work through your trauma.

Supportive Environment:
Therapy provides support from mental health professionals and addiction professionals. Clients are able to discuss their feelings and work through any issues with advice from other group members.

We know that one treatment plan won’t work for everybody, so we create a specialized plan based on each clients’ needs and goals.

Addiction counseling is evidence-based treatment that is proven to contribute to long term recovery.

Licensed Therapists:
Our licensed therapists are experienced mental health counselors and substance use counselors. They provide unbiased emotional support for our clients and help lead them on the path to recovery.

Cope With Stressful Situations:
In therapy sessions, you’ll learn how to process your emotions with healthy coping mechanisms to handle stressful situations and challenges in daily life.

Goal Setting:
An addiction counselor will help you set goals for your relationships, career, and life during recovery. Our therapists will help you get back on your feet while overcoming drug addiction.

Our Staff Is Here To Help You Through Recovery.

At Innovative Health, our mission is to make treatment accessible to everybody. We’re committed to providing quality care and dedicated support to each of our clients. Our goal is to help those struggling with substance use disorder to overcome their addictions. That’s why we focus on achieving long term recovery for each client by empowering them to face their challenges in healthier ways.

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