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We’ll Help You Get Back On Track.
At Innovative Health, we offer evaluations and treatment to help clients with a variety of legal issues. Our programs help our clients with legal cases find their footing again, and finish recovery with a brand new outlook. Our clinically licensed therapists will support clients in learning the necessary skills to create positive change in their post-recovery lives.

Evaluations For Different Occasions
Our group and individual treatment includes a DWI program where clients learn how to navigate the court system while understanding how to avoid future actions that brought them to this point. Our clients are taught how to change impaired driving behavior. We also offer drug and alcohol toxicology and treatment for clients facing legal issues such as TASC and drug court, parole and probation, child protective services, and the department of social services.

These screenings are necessary to prove clients are making changes in their life to challenge legal cases and secure a better future. Once clients have undergone treatment, from evaluations to detox and therapy, they will be more prepared to handle the trials of life they came in with. At Innovative Health, our mission is to set our clients up with the tools needed to sustain long term recovery.

Professional Help To Open Up Possibilities.
Innovative Health’s team of licensed professionals are here to advise our clients on the best route of action to take once they leave treatment. We recognize how substance use disorder creates devastating consequences for those suffering from this affliction, so we do everything in our power to help our clients right any wrongs. By attending our programs, clients show the court that positive action is being taken to address the problem.

How We Help
At Innovative Health, we believe it’s important to set up our clients for a successful future once they leave treatment. That’s why we help our clients through any legal issues, giving them the tools to understand the necessary steps to resolve their case. We also write letters of recommendation and support that they can show their caseworkers, which highlights their dedication to getting better. Once our clients have completed treatment, we will issue certificates of rehabilitation that show they’ve been committed to their recovery.

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